Stay true to your style

Fashion they say is what you buy and style is what you do with it, I totally agree because we are all bespoke in our various styles which is not in any way easy to copy .This simply means that our level of confidence for fashion trends varies. As much as I love to be stylish there are still some outfits that are way beyond me even if that’s what’s in vogue I don’t bother if it doesn’t float my boat I just stay true to my style #Admire someone else’s style/beauty without questioning yours and from what I’ve come to understand when you have a style it keeps evolving with age and time, but still remains who you are,your personality.

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Be decently stylish in your own way and love who you’ve become,so on this note I put my pen down and say stay young and stylish until our beautiful minds meet again,



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Your’s Sincerely

‘Motolani Da-Silva


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