Cold Winter Soup

Beautiful day beloved, I am delighted to bring to you today some thing very powerful and heart warming in the form of soup packed full of important anti-oxidants that literally keeps the body & mind in sync if you know what I mean and without further ado let’s get cooking.


Celery 2 to 4 stalks

2 Sweet potatoes

3 Carrot [diced]

Broccoli [diced]

Chilli pepper [diced]

Garlic 2 to 3 cloves[Crushed]

Onion [diced]

Ginger fresh or powdered


Whole Cardamom

Salt to taste

Before moving on I just want to say that it is possible to vary the itemised ingredients above if it doesn’t float your boat and that’s because we are all different:)


There’s really is no pattern to making this but just to make sure that the sweet potato goes in first because it’s the thickener for our soup.In a boiling pot of water gently pour in the spices which is the All-spice,cardamom, garlic and ginger then in with the sweet potato and carrot, Since we want the carrot to be soft and tender not chewy  cover up for about  .Then pour in the other vegetables i.e,celery,dice chilli and lastly the broccoli then salt to taste, cover up and leave to boil down for another 20mins to allow the marriage of all the ingredients to happen, [and by the way this is one of the places where polygamy is allowed:) in the pot of soup:)

VOILA! and the soup is done and it’s called doing you and the family a whole lot of good, this soup cut’s through blocked sinuses,colds and the host of them and bringing together the vegetables does a lot for the human health overall, and don’t forget to bring out the cosy you just for this soup:)Bon Apetit!

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So on this note I put my pen down and say stay young and healthy until our beautiful minds meet again:)

Your’s Sincerely

‘Motolani Da-silva








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