Happy New year:)


Happy New year and my warm regards to all, I presume everything went well over the holidays and may our beautiful heart desires come to fruition in this new year and beyond, as we all know after the festive holiday’s everything goes back to normal but I believe that we’re only as happy as we want to, so let’s put happiness on a good roll:)  and in the view of that I am Just quickly going to feel you in on some of my festive nibbles here and there

Cinnamon cake! it taste’s so divine and am not kidding


The spring roll,Tempura prawn,Nuts and Pringle’s are of course shop bought which means I threw a bit of caution to the wind for festive.

Watermelon and Banana! the banana literally changes the watery nature of the watermelon making it very appealing and easy to drink, and of-course the Classic Jollof rice which gives a bit of clue where my ancestors originates from,

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On this note I put my pen down and say stay young and healthy until our beautiful minds meet again,

Your’s Sincerely

‘Motolani Da-Silva


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